About Us
  Here at Compass Luxor we like cars. No, we LOVE cars. So, Compass Luxor specializes in trading high-end luxury and sports automobiles. We are convinced that the best trade is made when the seller believes and loves the product as much as the buyer. Therefore, Compass Luxor's selection is based on our tastes - these are the cars we'd love to own and drive as much as you will. We pride ourselves on our ability to find great bargains and to be able to offer them to you at tremendous discounts. Many of our vehicles have factory warranties remaining.

Here at Compass Luxor we take great pride in selling nice, clean, pre-owned vehicles. However, please remember that you a looking at a pre-owned vehicle. All pre-owned vehicles may or may not have chips, dings, dents, scratches, scrapes, or imperfections due to normal everyday wear and use by the previous owner. We spend a lot of time hand picking all of our vehicles and we try our very best to describe them as honestly and accurately as possible. We are however human and may occasionally make a mistake and miss something.

Compass Luxor maintains a low overhead operation which allows us to offer great deals on all types of cars. We want you to refer us to your friends and we want your repeat business, so we promise to do everything possible to take care of you from start to finish to make your purchase a pleasant one. We've always believed that a picture is worth a thousand words. To ensure that you feel comfortable and confident about the vehicle you are buying on, we always include a large number of high-quality photos for your viewing pleasure. Since due to geographical diversity many of you may not not able to see the car in person, we feel that showing as many photos as possible will give you an all around overview and good feeling about the vehicle. Thank you for shopping with Compass Luxor.